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Liability Insurance Practice receives “Best Liability Insurance Knowledge Provider 2022 – India” in Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 2022

Happy to inform you that Liability Insurance Practice has received “Best Liability Insurance Knowledge Provider 2022 – India”, in Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 2022. I thank Wealth & Finance International for this award.

I learnt insurance from many in General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC), as it was then known and The Oriental insurance company Limited. I thank them for all the exposure I had and knowledge acquired.

My initiation into liability insurance started at Howden Insurance Brokers India Pvt. Ltd.. Even though I had no opportunity of working with Mr. Manohar Chainani, pioneer of the subject in India and founder of Howden India, the enormous respect he commanded in the industry inspired me to embark on a challenging but exciting journey on a road less travelled. I was not lucky enough to work with him, as he had passed away before I joined Howden India. But the stories that many customers would recall about him and his obsession with customer service were amazing. I thank Howden India for the opportunity given and handholding me in the early years.

Later the other organizations that I worked with also gave me the opportunity to dive deep into the subject and apply the knowledge acquired. I thank Raheja QBE General Insurance Company Limited and also Aon Global (Aon India Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. & Global Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.).

Passion to share knowledge encouraged me to start the web site and my son Suvesh Pratapa did the initial work to start it (Even now I bother him many times) which was later refined by Software Technology Inc. in Hyderabad.

For all those, who want to get the big picture as also understand nuances about liability insurance in India, I would encourage them to read the articles and updates. There is a search facility also on the web site which users may like to see and get benefit from.